Friday, 7 September 2018

Rugby Tournament Report

Thursday 6 September 2018
On a windy and dark Wednesday, the year 5 & 6 boys and
 the year 7 & 8 boys went to Varsity for a rugby tournament

First my team and I warmed up by playing a game of rugby.
Then  we practiced on our passing for the game.

We were playing against Barbarians.  
When the whistle went we were told to get ready & to stand in our position and
then the whistle goes again to start the game.
I drop-kick the ball with a bang to my feet  and the boys chased the ball &
tackled the other opponents.
One of the boys tackled the opponent and
then the halfback for the other team passes it to the wing & he scores.
I kick again & the other opponent catches the ball,
I chase him and  I tackled him with a boom to his legs & a slam to the floor.
Our team scored 3 tries & the other team scored 4 tries.

Our second game was against Bailey Road.
We scored no tries and they scored 4 tries.
I think if we were more faster to the ruck we would have got more tries.

The third game was against Glen Innes.
We scored no tries and they scored 6 tries.
I think that some of the players in my team were a bit scared or too tired to tackle.

Then the next game was against Panmure Bridge.
We scored 2 tries and they scored 5 tries.
I think that this game was alright because we were good at the ruck
& good at our tackling but tired at the same time.

The last game was against Pt England.
We scored no tries and they scored about 10 tries.
I think that we too tired from playing the other teams,
but at least we tried our best.