Tuesday, 27 December 2016


Activity 2
Imagine that you have been asked to create your very own airline. What would you call it? Design a simple logo for your airline and post it on your blog. You must include a short explanation of your logo below the picture.

Screenshot 2016-12-27 at 23.34.59.pngThis is my logo UAB that stands for United Arab Emirates.I made this one because of America I love that country and that is where most of the famous people live.


Activity 1
Watch both of the current Air New Zealand safety videos. The first is a video that stars the All Blacks. The second is a video that stars Rhys Darby and Anna Faris (Hollywood actress).  Links for the videos are found below:
One of the things you need to do when you are on board you need to buckle up your seat belt and when you are going to stand up or going off board you need to UN click the belt.

Seconds thing you need to do when the bag of oxygen comes down place it over your mouth and nose it can help you breathe better,

The last thing is that you are not allowed to smoke on board, you might drop the smoke and it will burn and it might cause fire, it might cause everyone to panic.

Wednesday, 21 December 2016


Day 3 - Buying a ticket
Now that you have chosen your country it is time to start planning your trip. One of the first things you will need to do is to buy an airplane ticket. There are many, many airlines that fly around the world. Some of the most common are:   

Emirates                                 Air New Zealand

C:\Users\rwil313\Desktop\Emirates logo.png C:\Users\rwil313\Desktop\Air New Zealand image.png

When you get onto the airplane you will be asked to watch a short safety video that tells you how to stay safe when flying in a plane. Arguably, the best aiplane safety videos are produced by Air New Zealand.


Bonus activity

Wellington is the capital city of New Zealand. Have you been to Wellington? If so, please tell us about two things that you did when you were in Wellington.
If you haven’t had the opportunity to go to Wellington, follow the link to learn more about this very cool city: Discover Wellington.
On your blog, tell us what two things you would like to do if you had the chance to visit Wellington. Would you go to the botanical gardens or visit the Beehive? Perhaps you would prefer to go shopping on Cuba Street or go out for dinner on Quay Street…

The most exciting place would love to go, is to visit bee’s because they are very interesting insects.They sting people because they try and protect themselves and when they sting their stinger gets stuck onto your body.

Monday, 19 December 2016


Activity 2
One of the most popular activities in Madrid, the capital city of Spain, is called ‘Bullfighting.’ It has been a part of Spanish culture for centuries. In bullfighting people called ‘toreros and ‘matadors’ fight with a live bull. The toreros do most of the fighting and, ultimately, capture the bull and tie it up. Once it has been caught, the matador joins the fight and kills the bull. Although most toreros and matadors are men, there are some women who also compete in the sport.
Not everyone supports bullfighting in Spain. In fact, about 30% of the population want it to be banned (stopped) completely. What do you think? On your blog tell us whether or not you think that bullfighting should be banned in Spain. Please provide, at least, two reasons to support your decision.

My reason why we should stop bullfighting is that 40,000 bulls die a year from bullfighting.

We should stop bullfighting because soon or later bulls will be extinct.

Sunday, 18 December 2016


Activity 1
Before you go overseas it will be important that you learn a bit about the capital city of your country. Hop online and find out about the capital city of your country. Use this information to complete the five sentences below:

  1. The name of the capital city is ______________Berlin__________
  2. The population of the capital city is _________80.62 million____
  3. In January, the weather in the capital city is usually ______Snows and Rains ___________
  4. The capital city is located in the _______Northern____ (northern, southern, middle) part of the country.
  5. The languages most commonly spoken in the capital city are _______________English and German______________

Bonus Activity

Bonus Activity
Write a letter to a friend or family member to tell them that you are going to visit your country of choice. In your letter, please tell them where you are going, why you have decided to go to the particular country and how long you will be away. Feel free to invite them to join you, if you’d like!

Letter To Parent Dear Family,
I am going to visit Germany, in Germany I would be visiting the Brandenburg gate and the fountain in the Linderhof Palace.The reason why I'm visiting this country it’s because it’s very beautiful and very interesting.

Saturday, 17 December 2016


Activity 2
On Google, research the country that you have chosen to visit and write, in your own words, three interesting facts about that country. They must be facts that weren’t already provided on the World Map.


1.In Berlin there is 180 museums.
2.There are 106 rainy days per year in Berlin.
3.Berlin has over 1,000 last night stores.


Activity 1
After you have read the quick facts about each place you must choose ONE country that you would like to ‘visit.’ On your blog post the name of the country and tell us why you have chosen to visit it. Please give, at least, two reasons for choosing the country.

I chose Germany.

Why I would visit Germany:

1. My first reason to visit Germany is because I want to visit their landmarks,such as Brandenburg gate and the fountain in the Linderhof Palace Germany.

2. My second reason to go to Germany is to see one of the boot camps that were set up by Hitler.

Thursday, 8 December 2016

Times Tables


My result today on Timed Tables 0-10 was 61/66 and my last result was 60/66.I need to work on my Find Dividend/Divisor and Division.I need to practise My Multiplication and Find Factors.

Typing Practise

Screenshot 2016-12-08 at 09.40.08.png
Today I typed 49 words per minute and my last weeks typing result was 63 words per minute.In I need to practise typing in the holidays because the more you type the more you can get your learning done.

Basic facts


My result today on timed for stage 7 was 28/40 and my last result was 30/40.I need to work on my Fractions and Percentages,Sq-rs, Roots and Factors.

Friday, 2 December 2016

Basic facts

My result today on timed for basic facts was 32/40.I need to work on my Fractions,Percentages,Sq-rs and Factors.