Friday, 15 April 2016

Narrative writing


The lady in the shadows.

It was a cold stormy night everyone was sleeping except me.I was watching TV then I heard a knock on the door I turned the TV off and went to the door and open the door no one was their.Next I went to turn of the kitchen light off and I just left the living room light on and went upstairs then the light in the living room went off.I went back down to see who turned the light off then I tried to turn the light on but it won’t turn on so I just left the light off.

Next I heard someone whisper my name I looked back and the lighting stroked on the person in the shadows I looked and it was a old lady and she looked very scary there was blood all over her and she was holding a knife.I ran upstairs into my room and I forgot to close the door so I just left the door open  then I hid under my bed and waited there for 10 seconds.Then I got up and walk out the door suddenly the door slammed and I looked back the lady was next to my bed.I was shouting for my dad to come because  there is a lady holding a knife in my room

After that my dad got out of bed got a baseball bat and ran to my room and tried to open the door but the door didn't  open.Then my dad ran pushed the door opened then the lady was going to stab me then my dad jumped then the lady stabbed my dad I was so angry. I walked up with the knife and I dropped the knife because I felt like I was going to turn into a animal I looked into the mirror and my eyes turned red and I said to myself I am a werewolf alpha.I turn to the lady and bit her on the arm and she fell to the ground and disappeared into the dark.I looked back to the floor my dad was gone he wasn't in my room.I heard a noise downstairs it was the TV and the light came back on I went to see if my dad was downstairs but he was not there.When I went upstairs into my parents room my dad was there sleeping.

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Basic facts


My result today on timed was 52/60 and my last times one was 56/60.I need to work on my subtraction to 20.

Friday, 8 April 2016

typing practise

My result on typing was 39 words and my last weeks typing was 40 words.I got a lower score today.

Basic facts

My result today on timed was 53/60 and my last times one was 59/ a lower result today and got a higher result last week monday.I need to work on my subtraction to 20 and addition to 20 and groupings within 100.

Monday, 4 April 2016

St Patrick's day Mass and Soul Friend Feast

On St Patrick's day the thing I like the most was that when we had to face our soul friends and had to say I do I had no soul friend because he was reading so my soul friend was jesus .I liked when we had a share with our soulfriend.Laki,Samuel,Christopher ,Thomas,Jerome and Sateaki had shared lunch together.It was so cool we all started talking about Games and holiday.

We learning to write using our personal voice.I use my personal voice in my writing when I described?

Friday, 1 April 2016

Basic facts


My result today on timed was 46/60 and my last times one was 46/60 I got same result on last weeks timed.I need to work subtraction to 20 and addition to 20 and groupings within 100 and division.

My result today on timed was 46/60 and my last times one was 46/60.I need to work my division 2,5 and 10 and groupings within 100.