Thursday, 25 June 2015


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Last Wednesday during Term 2 Room 5 went to the Roots program in the hall.In the Roots program we worked with Waikare, Candice and Alice. I was so excited to learn about how to make a litterless lunch.
When we sat down Candice told us about the litterless lunches. I learned that a litterless lunch meant bringing food without wrappers to stop the rubbish blowing into the drains and out to sea. She showed us pictures of a giant rubbish patch out in the middle of the ocean and sea birds that died from eating all the rubbish.
After she finished talking to us Alice put us into groups of 4. When we were in our groups Waikare gave my group information for what we had to do.
I learned what kind of food to put in a litterless lunchbox and how to recycle plastic bags. When we all finished we had to present to the class what we learned about litterless lunches.

                       Thank you Roots.

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  1. Hi macky your writing was very good i understand everything and the story you were writing and the meaning of it keep up the good work well done from mum.