Monday, 10 July 2017

Bonus Activity

Bonus Activity: Now it’s time to start your tour! Curious Kiwi decides to start by taking you on a short tour through downtown Auckland. You stop at the Sky Tower, the tallest building in all of New Zealand. When you look up, you see a huge New Zealand flag on the top of the tower. This flag was created back in 1902. That makes the New Zealand flag 115 years old!
H:\Blogging Study\WLJ 2017\New Zealand flag.png

Last year, the Prime Minister of New Zealand suggested that we should replace the flag with a new, updated design. He invited everyone in New Zealand to come up with their own flag design and submit it.
For this activity, it is your turn to design a new flag. Use any drawing programme that you wish. I would recommend using the Google Drawings programme or the Flag Designer website. It allows you to create a flag in three easy steps. When you are done, take a screenshot of your flag and post it on your blog. Here is an example:
To earn full points you must describe the flag, in words, below the picture. Please tell us what is on the flag and what inspired your design. 
My flag is very simple
The white X represents the white clouds in the sky. The black triangles represents the night. The blue triangles represents the morning.The sun represents the Light of the world.
I'm inspired from my own design because it shows how beautiful our country New Zealand is.


  1. Hey Macky,
    I like your flag because it represents our great country.

    Good Work

  2. Wow Macky,

    This is awesome! I love the way you described your flag. It's so unique and very creative. Great work! I hope you will learn more interesting facts about New Zealand through your visits.

    Well done!