Sunday, 1 January 2017


Bonus Activity - Airplane tickets can be very expensive. The table below lists the cost of one return ticket for one person from Auckland, New Zealand to the capital city of each country included in the Summer Learning Journey programme. The costs are listed in the local currency (money) of the country and not in New Zealand dollars.
Name of City
Cost of Return Flight
Canberra, Australia
826            AUD              Australian Dollars
Tokyo, Japan
147172      JPY                Japanese Yen
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
7182          MYR             Malaysian Ringgit
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
7219           AED             United Arab Emirates Dirham
Cape Town, South Africa
27296          ZAR             South African Rand
Berlin, Germany
2182            EUR             Euros
London, England
1442            GBP             Great British Pounds
Santiago, Chile
1 582 030    CLP              Chilean Peso
Mexico City, Mexico
90 664         MXN            Mexican Peso
Ottawa, Canada
2064            CAD             Canadian Dollar
Use the XE currency converter website [] to find out how much each ticket would cost in New Zealand dollars [NZD $$]. On your blog, tell us:
  1. How much it would cost in New Zealand dollars to fly to each country.
  2. Which country is the most expensive country to visit
  3. Which country is the least expensive country to visit
To use the XE site you have to complete these four steps:
Step 1 – Enter the price of the airline ticket in the far left box.
Step 2 – Select the currency you want from the drop down menu in the second box.
Step 3 – Select ‘NZD – New Zealand Dollar’ as the currency in the third box.
Step 4 – Click on the blue button with the white arrow. It will take you to a second page that tells you how the ticket will cost in New Zealand Dollars (NZD).

How will it cost to get from all of these countries to NZ.
Canberra, Australia costs: 858.999
Tokyo, Japan costs: 1,816.71
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia costs: 742.009
Abu Dhabi,United Arab Emirates costs:  2,837.78
Cape Town, South Africa costs: 2,868.94

Berlin, Germany costs: 3,313.60

London, England costs: 2,569.45

Santiago, chile costs: 1,582.030

Mexico, Mexico City costs: 6,312.44

Ottawa, Canada costs: 2,217.17

Which country is the most expensive country to visit.
Mexico, Mexico City costs: 6,312.44

Which country is the least expensive country to visit.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia costs: 742.009


  1. Hi Macky,

    Wow! I am so impressed that you took on this challenging bonus activity. Awesome effort!

    I must admit that I was shocked when I first did the maths and realised that it would cost more than $6000 to travel to Mexio. That is a huge amount of money, isn't it? I definitely won't be able to afford to go to Mexico...

    The cost of flying to Kuala Lumpur is a little bit more reasonable but it's still very expensive. It's too bad that airplane tickets are so costly. Otherwise, we would all be able to travel whenever we wanted to...

    Fortunately, we live in one of the most interesting and beautiful countries in the world. We really are lucky to live in New Zealand, I reckon!

    Keep up the great work and excellent effort, Macky. I am really impressed!

    Rachel :)

  2. Hi Rachel,
    Thank you for commenting on my blog I really appreciate it.
    I will keep on blogging great work while the weeks go by

  3. Hi Macky,

    Great work I am very impressed Keep up the great work.

    Happy New Year! :)

  4. Malo lelei Macky,

    Converting different currencies from all over the world into New Zealand dollars can often be quite tricky and confusing! Usually I just go to a bank and they sort it all out for me easy peasy :-)

    1 Malaysian Ringgit is worth about $NZ0.31, so if their flights cost 7182 ringgit, it should cost about $2257 in NZ dollars which is a little bit more expensive. No worries though! I'm impressed that you were able to figure the rest of them out. Well done!

    Wow, just like Rachel I was so shocked to see how expensive it is to fly to Mexico! I would have to save up for a very long time if I wanted to fly there. Why do you think some places are more expensive than others to fly to?

    Have you ever been to any of these places on this list? I haven't, but maybe one day!

    Ka kite ano,