Wednesday, 4 January 2017


Activity 1
Think about all of the books that you have read this year and recommend one for Curious Kiwi to read. On your blog list the title and author of the book and then provide a short description of it. What is the book about?
This book is written and Illustrated
by Jeff Kinney.


Greg Heffley get’s a diary and writes about how his  summer is going, he has a lot of challenges to face, mockery, trust, mischief and embarrassment, but most of all his friendship.One day a bunch of teenagers corned Greg and Rowley in the school courts, they hassled both of them and forced them to eat the horrific mouldy cheese which has been on the court grounds for years.When the teenagers left both Greg and Rowley stood there frozen thinking of what they had eaten. The next day, they were very nervous of what would happen once someone found out that the mouldy cheese was gone. When it was recess everyone ran to the school court realising that the cheese was gone. A lot of theories were explained like, Maybe the cheese grew legs and it walked away, or maybe an abduction happened. Greg couldn’t hold it in anymore so then he made up a story and said that he had picked it up and threw it away because he was annoyed of  people being scared of the cheese touch. Sadly Greg thought he was a hero but instead, everyone ran away from him. “Having the cheese touch isn’t so bad” said Greg. He was very happy that afternoon and went home to play games with his best friend Rowley.

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  1. Malo lelei Macky,

    Thanks for such thorough recommendation to Curious Kiwi! I like that you have picked a book you enjoyed reading so much. What was your favourite bit of this book?

    I haven't read any of the books in this series, but I really appreciated the synopsis you've given us here. It sounds like a crazy tale! I'm curious as why there had been mouldy cheese left on the school grounds for years, that sounds like an odd thing to keep! But I'm glad that after all of that Greg was still happy to play with his friends.

    I hope you'll be packing this one in your suitcase Macky!