Monday, 9 January 2017


Activity 1
Once you have read these phrases you will be ready to leave the airport and head to your hotel. Take a moment and imagine how you might feel if you were standing in the airport in a foreign country and you had to figure out how to communicate with people in a brand new language. Would you be scared? Would you feel confident? Write a short poem that describes how you might be feeling (i.e. excited, happy, scared, nervous, etc).

If I were standing in an airport in a foreign country I would be scared and nervous because someone like me in a foreign country would be really scary because I wouldn’t understand what other people say to me and I wouldn’t know how to speak that kind of language.


  1. Malo e lelei Macky,

    I completely understand. I would also feel quite nervous and a bit uncertain about what was going to happen to me in a new country. Fortunately, most people around the world speak, at least, a little bit of English and I have always found that people were more than happy to help you find your way in a foreign country.

    In order to earn full points for this activity we are asking that you put your feelings and thoughts about travel into a poem. You can write any kind of poem that you like. It can be a rhyming poem like a sonnet or limerick, an acrostic poem or even a haiku. For some examples of poems, please go to this website:

    It lists a number of different kinds of poems and gives you some examples. I'll pop back again soon to read your blog and comment on your poem :)


  2. Hey Macky,

    Great answer I to would feel scared especially if I can't speak to or understand any one around me.

    Keep up the great work :)

  3. Hey Macky,
    Good answer. I would feel scared because I wouldn't know how to talk with them or speak to them in their language.

    Great Work and Blogging
    Happy New Year

  4. Hi there Macky,

    I would be scared too! But Don't worry I'm sure there are people there who understands and speaks English. Always remember to never be scared of asking.

    Great work and I can't wait to see more of your postings :)

  5. Hi Macky,

    My name is Madeleine and I live in Canada. I really enjoyed reading your blog! Your writing is thoughtful, emotional and heartfelt. I started to feel scared too, your writing was so powerful! I love your writing style, and make sure you keep writing and expressing yourself. Have an amazing day!

  6. Malo e lelei Macky,

    I tell you what, I would pretty nervous too if I was standing in a new country and I didn't know the language or my way around. It's a good thing you packed your translator so you don't have to worry about that too much!

    Have you ever been in a new country where you didn't know the language before? Generally people are pretty helpful and understanding when you get to a foreign country. If you're friendly, polite and try to give their language a go, then people are always willing to help out!

    I'm looking forward to seeing your poem for this activity Macky, and I hope to see you back blogging with us soon!!

    Until next time,

  7. Guten Tag Macky!

    I can relate to your thoughts about this topic - I felt pretty scared when I arrived in Germany! Often you can find people who can speak a little English - but not everywhere! What I found though, was that non-verbal communication can be really helpful, and it is amazing what technology helps us with these days! Remember that trusty translator!

    Looking forward to reading your poem!

    Good work!