Monday, 2 January 2017


Activity 1
To find out more about the weather in your chosen country log onto the Accu Weather website []. Type the name of the capital city of your country into the search bar. It will tell you what the weather is going to be like in your country of choice. On your blog, provide a five day forecast for the weather in the capital city of your chosen country.

Berlin, Germany:
Today: A bit of snow and rain.
Tomorrow: A snow shower around late.
Wednesday: A rain or snow shower in spots.
Thursday: Cloudy with a few of showers.
Friday: Chilly with partial sunshine.


  1. Hello there Macky,

    It seems to me that there is alot of snowing and rain In Berlin! Wow, I'm glad to see you blogging again! Oh and happy new years!

    Great work and I hope to see you blogging again:)

  2. Hey Macky,
    Wow it must be really cold and snowy there but it would be fun playing outside. You are doing great just keep doing what you're doing because it is good.

    Great work and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

  3. Thanks Jerome and Von for commenting on my blog and I forgot HAPPY NEW YEARS hope you have fun with your family

    Cheers, Macky

  4. Hi Macky!

    Wow that's pretty cool that you're going to get a snow shower while you're in Germany! Have you ever been to the snow before? You're going to be pretty cold while you're there, and there might be a bit of rain around. So make sure you think about some things you could do indoors if the weather isn't so flash!

    We've had quite a bit of rain already here in New Zealand this summer. What do you usually like to when it rains? I love to find a good book to read, or find a new series on Netflix to watch. I found the new season of Lemony Snickett: A Series of Unfortunate Events the other day and I thought it was very cool!

    Looking forward to seeing what you have packed for your trip Macky. Keep it up :-)